Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL databases: administration, programming, SQL, PL / SQL, Java

Oracle database - the most powerful, productive and functional of the known in the world database SQL. The Oracle database is a relational database with a complex structure, but at the same time with huge capabilities, analogues of which no longer exist in the World. The closest competitor MS SQL Server from Microsoft loses the Oracle database in many parameters, the main ones are: performance, reliability and scalability. The database training system requires the Oracle specialist to master the basic concepts, such as Oracle table (oracle table) and its fields or database schema. Creating a SQL database, database system files (DBMS), SQL language - all this must be known to the programmer, developer, administrator for effective work with the database and manage it.

To work effectively with the Oracle database, an administrator, a programmer or any other specialist should study the SQL language and its extension PL / SQL well: to know the basic functions, operators, to fully exploit all the features that the SQL string provides and execute queries to the database. Many distributed applications for the DBMS are created in the Java language, the Apex development environment is actively used, separate code modules are written in Perl and PHP. Relational database or unstructured (NOSQL) is the basis for building common information systems: corporate, public (procurement, etc.) and any other automated IS. The pages of our social network contain all the necessary information that will allow you to effectively learn and master the basics of databases on examples: books, videos, forums, articles and blogs.